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Fine Spirits & Cigar Weekend 2016


Fine Spirits & Cigar Weekend 2016
TALLINN ON 10-12 JUNE, 2016 AT

About Tallinn Cigar Club

The mission of the Tallinn Cigar Club is to unite people who appreciate cigar culture and share the passion of cigar smoking. The Club acts as a meeting point for cigar lovers, where good friends meet and new opportunities are born - all this together with excellent cigars and interesting people. Club intends to bring together people all over from Europe.

Our vision is to become the main spot in the Nordic countries uniting people who are interested in cigar culture and want to discover new experience of smoking cigars. We want to promote the cigar culture in the region, sharing the valuable history and introducing new trends from the cigar world. The Club has started with several events, like organizing the Tallinn Cigar Weekend with the Cigar Smoking Championship.

The Tallinn Cigar Club was founded in December 2012 with an aim to bring together wonderful people who have a similar passion - smoking the finest cigars in world.

Fine Spirits & Cigar Weekend 2017

Fine Spirits & Cigar Weekend 2017 will take place in Tallinn on 09-11 June, 2017
You are most welcome to participate!

Follow the homepage of www.cigarweekend.eu

    Fine Spirits & Cigar Weekend 2016

    Fine Spirits & Cigar Weekend 2016 took place in Tallinn on 10-12 June, 2016
    Organisers thank all the cooperation partners and guests for the successful weekend!

    The Tallinn Fine Spirits & Cigar Weekend has developed into one of the Nordic region’s major events for cigar fans, a time when entrepreneurial people can come together to spend a celebratory and atmospheric weekend with good company, excellent cigars and fine spirits. Excitement was certainly added by the slow cigar smoking competition, which also serves as a qualifying tournament for the Cigar Smoking World Championship, and which was also held here at the glass hall of Tallinn Song Festival Grounds.
    This year, the venue of the Tallinn Fine Spirits and Cigar Weekend was moved a little bit closer to the sea. To be more open and forward-looking is one of the goals and, hopefully, this great event will continue to grow in the next years to become even greater.

    Mr. Kirill Grigorjev from the Riga Cigar Club was honoured for promoting the cigar culture in the region.

    The honorary jury led by the chief judge Mrs Ivana Vrdoljak, the Vice-President of Club Mareva (Croatia), announced the following winners:

      Women winners: Men winners:
      I place ULYANA GLAZUNOVA, Russia
    II place ANNA SHAPIRO, Russia
    III place TAINA HAAPAMÄKI, Finland
    I place OLEG PEDAN, Russia
    II place ALEXANDER SHAGAI, Russia
    III place SERGEI GALEVSKI, Russia

    The competition prizes were presented at the Vana Tallinn and Macanudo gala dinner, which was attended by guests from 12 different countries, including Nicaragua, Malta, Cuba and Turkey.
    In addition, two special awards were given out in the competition: the most stylish smoking pose award went to SILVER RANDALU from Estonia, and the most elegant gentleman prize was awarded to PEKKA PALANDER from Finland.

    • 20 Pidulik
    • 19 A Honorary Award
    • 18 Moedemonstratsioon
    • 17 Meeste võitja
    • 16 Naiste võitja
    • 15 Padron Cigars esindaja
    • 14 Avakõne
    • 13 Auhinnalaud
    • 12 Kolm paremat
    • 11 Parim mees ja parim naine
    • 10 Maailmameister
    • 09 Võistlus

    Fine Spirits & Cigar Weekend 2015

    Fine Spirits & Cigar Weekend 2015 was held on 05-07th of June, 2015 at Harju Street Park, at the very centre of Tallinn Old Town, Estonia, a listed UNESCO World Heritage site.

    The three-day programme showcased a superb selection of spirits along with luxurious cigar brands and boutique brands, paired with carefully selected menus and seminars that have been put together for this week by cigar experts, chefs and cocktail specialists from around the world in honour of the rich heritage of cigars and spirits.
    Mrs Natalia Sokolova was honoured for promoting the cigar culture and was given a book of the life of Coco Chanel.

    The honorary jury led by the chief judge Mrs Ivana Vrdoljak, the vice-president of Club Mareva (Croatia) announced the following winners:

                       Women winners:Men winners:
     I place EVELIN SOHLU, Estonia
    II place ELENA ALEKSEEVA, Lithuania
    III place MERY-LIIS TALUSAAR, Estonia
    I place OLEG PEDAN, Russia
    II place ESA PERNU, Finland
    III place KAIDO RANDALU, Estonia

    Fine Spirits & Cigar Weekend 215 also functioned as a qualification tournament for the Cigar Smoking World Tournament which was held in Split, Croatia in September, 2015. 

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    • APR_4808
    • APR_4680
    • APR_4642

    Tallinn Cigar Weekend 2014


    Tallinn Cigar Weekend 2014 was held in Tallinn from June 13th to 15th 2014.


    Cigar Smoking Championship started with exclusive Gala dinner with great entertainment program, music, interesting talks and of course tasting finest cigars, like the Davidoff cigar Primero, which is elegant flavorful aperitif cigar. Also Bespoke cigars and Davidoff no2 cigars were smoked, which were excellent cigars during the entire night. Competing cigar was Monte Cristo nr 4.

    Before the contest Mr Tullio Liblik, founder of the Tallinn Cigar Club appraised Mr Mahesh P. Ranmani, who is Managing Director of Rasa Trading company which imports Davidoff, Arturo Fuente, Padron and Oliva cigars. He also has the franchise for the cigar house La Casa del Habano in Tallinn and in Riga. Ranmani`s role promoting the cigar culture in Estonia has been significant and highly appreciated.

    On Saturday morning a city tour with professional tour guide was held - new places and spots were discovered in old Tallinn. Guests visited one of the oldest cigar houses in Tallinn trying different cigars, like Total Flame Serie FTW Toro and tasting new whiskey brands like Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban ja Ardbeg 10 Y.O Single Islay Malt.

    In the afternoon, the group visited the ancient Viking village, where cigar expert and the founder of the Bespoke cigar brand Mr Jeremy Casdagly gave a thorough overview about the background and modern trends of cigar smoking. Next morning all the guests had a long brunch in Viimsi Spa Hotel restaurant and talked about the memorable weekend in Tallinn.


    Winners of the Tallinn Cigar Smoking Championship 2014:

    Women winners

    I place HELENA LILLEMÄE, Estonia
    II place REELI SIMSON, Estonia
    III place SELVE MIIL, Estonia

    Men winners

    I place OLEG SAVROV, Latvia
    II place KAIDO RANDALU, Estonia
    III place HENDRIK ROOSNA, Estonia


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    Nordic BigSmoke 2013

    Nordic Big Smoke 2013 was held in Tallinn and in Saaremaa from June 21st to 23th 2013. Cigar Smoking Championship started with welcome drinks and cigars in Tallinn Cigar House. Exclusive gala dinner took place in highly-regarded sea restaurant City Marina with wonderful views to the city of Tallinn. Winner of the cigar smoking contest was Mr Igor Gorovin from Saint Petersburg.

    Saturday started with the trip to the island called Saaremaa where the first stop was in unique Kaali crater. Cigar expert and founder of the Bespoke cigar brand Mr Jeremy Casdagly gave a presentation about the Bespoke cigars and guests had an opportunity to taste Ron Baclero rum.

    Also previous Estonian president Arnold Rüütel attended the event.

    All the quests were accommodated in the small boutique hotel in Kuressaare called Arensburg SPA Hotel. Memorable dinner was in Windmill tavern with finest drinks and cigars. Great emotions were shared by the local folk group.

    Weekend ended in the restaurant Paat, where the participants had a possibility to prepare their own cigar.

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    • Jeremi ja Mahesh
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