About Us

What is the one thing that unites people who appreciate both the cigar culture and a good company? Tallinn Cigar Club, naturally.
Even the establishment date of the club bears a particular significance, being 12.12.2012. Since that day, Tullio Liblik, the founder and the soul of the cigar club, has invested a great deal of his spare time in uniting cigar admirers and giving them the opportunity to gather at the most glamorous lifestyle event of Northern Europe – Tallinn Cigar Weekend held once a year.
However, Tallinn Cigar Weekend is not the only thing that Tallinn Cigar Club is keeping itself busy with. The greater mission of the club is to expand the cigar culture all over Northern Europe, which requires keeping in daily contact with cigar clubs in the neighboring countries and paying frequent visits to the cigar festivals there.

The mission

The mission of the Tallinn Cigar Club is to unite people who appreciate cigar culture and share the passion of cigar smoking. The Club acts as a meeting point for cigar lovers, where good friends meet and new opportunities are born - all this together with excellent cigars and interesting people. Club intends to bring together people all over from Europe.

Our vision

Our vision is to become the main spot in the Nordic countries uniting people who are interested in cigar culture and want to discover new experience of smoking cigars. We want to promote the cigar culture in the region, sharing the valuable history and introducing new trends from the cigar world. The Club has started with several events, like organizing the Tallinn Cigar Weekend with the Cigar Smoking Championship.


The Tallinn Cigar Club was founded in December 2012 with an aim to bring together wonderful people who have a similar passion - smoking the finest cigars in world.